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  • Ignite Your Body's Fat Burning Metabolism With The All Day Fat Burning Workouts
  • Detox And Reset With Energy Greens
  • Revitalize The Body With Specialized Protein

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Experience the Difference

Fat Burning, Reenergizing, and Refueling The Right Way

When we make the decision to get back Into the best shape we can be in… or make the Decision to FINALLY have the body we’ve always wanted… It can be frustrating. There’s so many supplements, workouts, and different Types of advice out there. Until Now: We’ve got everything you need for the next 30 Days to kickstart your body into burning fat, building lean muscle and doing it in the HEALTHY way. No fad diets, workouts or BS. Just Results.

  • 12 Fast/Slow Method™ All Day Fat Burning Workout Instructional Videos, Training Calendar and Plan, Audio Sessions AND 3 Exclusive Bonuses
  • 45 Servings Of Raw, Top Of The Line, Organic Vegetables From Around The World
  • 15 Servings Of A Pure, Plant Based Protein

Here’s What Others Are Saying About These Products...

“One of the best programs I've been on”

"I lost 8 lbs in 5 days with minimal exercise due to a previous injury. One of the best programs i've been on and I've been on many. Thanks so much Yuri."

– Jon Hinden

“3 months laster i've lost over 50lbs!”

I've been doing your workouts and changed my diet after having my 3rd baby, and 3 months later I've lost over 50lbs. Thanks!

– Heather Christiansen

“Yuri's Energy Greens have both met and exceeded my expectations. I have tried other Greens and they were okay... but pale in comparison to Yuri's product.”

If you are undecided please rest assured that everything Yuri says about this product is true. These energy greens taste great and they work! Look forward to increased energy levels, better digestion and an elevated sense of well being.

One last thing: Yuri excels at explaining things - be it exercising, proper diet or lifestyle matters; for those of you who need details and information re the Energy Greens, I invite you to click on the links and read, research etc.

I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend this amazing product!"

– Dan Towsley

“My energy level has increased along with the appearance of my skin. I just look healthy overall”

I’ve have been drinking the green drinks for about 2 years now and I have had huge benefits from your product. I have suffered from migraines for about the past 20 years. I have learned thru the years with lots of research that what you put in your body can definitely impact the way that you feel.

The energy greens is one of the tools that I use to manage my migraines. I used to suffer from sinus headaches prior to the greens, now I know longer get them. Overall my energy level has increased along with the appearance of my skin. I just look healthy overall. Since I have started the greens, I have also learned how important it is to stay away from sugars, so I have adjusted my choices of foods and select lots of fruits and vegetables daily along with exercise which has always been important to me. I don’t mind the taste of the drink at all. I usually have two servings a day- one as soon as I get up in the morning and the other in the evening. I believe it can help anyone suffering from chronic pain. I hope this helps."

– Michele Reynolds


We’ve put together 3 products that in an easy follow system to:

Burn Fat Fast, And Build Lean and Attractive Muscle Tone...

Again, this is not a crash diet, or a fad workout… this is a system that works for you.

No thinking, no strategy needed on your part. Other people from around the world have already proven that these products work…

You just need to use them to start seeing results, period. Follow the workout program, enjoy your protein, and reset your body with your greens… Now, it’s your turn…


The Entire All Day Fat Burning Workout System and Bonuses

(Retail Price: $199)
  • 12 Fast/Slow Method™ Workouts For Pure Fat Loss
  • Instructional Videos
  • Audio Files
  • Training Calendar and Plan
  • 3 Exclusive Bonuses Included
    • 3 “Follow-Along” Interval Speed Burst Workouts
    • Dynamic Warm Up And Foam Rolling Instructional Videos
    • "No Movement" Workouts

1 Month Supply Of Energy Greens

(Retail Price: $119)
  • Increased Levels Of Energy
  • Prepares The Body For Fat Loss
  • Feel Better Almost Instantly
  • TOP Ingredients From Around The World

1 Month Supply Of Pure Plant Protein

(Retail Price: $99)
  • Highly absorbable fermented pea protein (100% plant-based)
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • A whopping 20g protein per serving
  • No fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Smooth milkshake-like taste (without all the junk)

Normally these products would sell together for $417.00, and they’d be well worth it… Especially with all of the results we’ve seen others have with them… and the years of work that went into each one.

However, we care that you get the body you want as fast as possible.

Not only do we know this system is going to get you the body you want, we guarantee it...

That’s why this special GetFit bundle is on sale today… For you to start seeing the fat loss, lean body and energy bursting results as fast as possible.

So don’t wait. And IF they are sold out, get on the waiting list first…

Today, you can get all three products for the low price of just $199… that’s 52% off the retail price, and over $200.00 in savings!

You’re Fully Protected By My 60-Day "Results or Your Money Back" Guarantee