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  • Reset With The Cleanse
  • Renew Vitality With Energy Greens
  • Revitalize The Body With Specialized Protein

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Experience the Difference

Cleanse, Get All Of Your Organic Veggies And Feed Your Body Right

Feeling the best that we can especially with a busy life, schedule and imbalances can seem to almost have control of our lives at times. However, the GreeTox Bundle was built to give you vitality, energy and purity back… balancing your body and REsetting it up for success.

  • 30 Day Cleanse With Full Support
  • 45 Servings Of Raw, Top Of The Line, Organic Vegetables From Around The World
  • 15 Servings Of A Pure, Plant Based Protein

Here’s What Others Are Saying About These Products...

“A fast way to have something nutritional.”

“I’ve been a regular juicer for several years and enjoy the increased energy and feeling better. But some days things are too rushed to juice. Energy Greens is a fast way to have something nutritional. It tastes great with water and with almond or coconut milk too.”

– Ilene Strong

“I’ve experienced great results with the Total Wellness Cleanse”

The first two weeks I followed the diet for the cleanse phase very closely and used some of the delicious recipes in the recipe guide. I was amazed that I did not feel hungry and any cravings for sugar and carbs were satisfied with green drinks. I was astonished that I could avoid buying sugar or bread products while shopping for all those wonderful vegetables. I slept soundly every night for the first time in years and awoke early with energy and enthusiasm for the day.

Yuri, I am happy that I followed your plan which was very well laid out, well organized, and easy to follow. The recipes were delicious and called for 'ordinary' food, so they were not challenging…”

– Thelma

“My experience was great and very successful”

The simplicity of the Total Cleanse program made it easy to lose the weight without the added stress of meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking meals, etc. I lost a total of 10 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 10! The Total Cleanse program was amazing and my counselor, Yuri was very friendly and encouraging along the way! The program puts you in a fat burning zone and helps curb your appetite for sugar, coffee, meat, dairy, bread, etc. I feel a lot healthier and in control of my body with more energy.”

– Lovie Thomas Brown, Ph.D.


The Entire Total Wellness Cleanse Program

(Retail Price: $299)
  • 119 Recipes That Are Tasty and Healthy
  • Get rid of your cravings for sugary and starchy foods
  • Reset your metabolism to hit the weight loss goals you desire
  • Daily Support And Coaching Emails
  • Private Group Consulting
  • Feel Like You’re Not Alone And Make Progress With Your Peers

1 Month Supply Of Energy Greens

(Retail Price: $119 value)
  • Increased Natural Levels Of Energy
  • Restore The Body’s Alkalinity
  • Promote Weight loss
  • Feel Better Than Before

1 Month Supply Of Pure Plant Protein

(Retail Price: $99)
  • Highly absorbable fermented pea protein (100% plant-based)
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • A whopping 20g protein per serving
  • No fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Smooth milkshake-like taste (without all the junk)

Normally these products would sell together for $565.00, and they’d be well worth it… Especially with all of the results we’ve seen others have with them… and the years of work that went into each one.

However, our commitment is for every person to get a chance at feeling amazing… so we’ve put this special bundle together as long as none of these products sell out (which happens because of the high-quality ingredients that are sourced from around the world)...

So don’t wait. And IF they are sold out, get on the waiting list first…

Today, you can get all three products for the low price of $299… that’s 47% off the retail price and over $250.00 in savings!

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